"Just wanted to say a big thank you to all the Reading Rascals who did an extra lap yesterday to help Gracie round her last lap! Very proud that she completed it and what a wonderful warm and friendly club we have that they supported her like that. It was much appreciated by both of us." 


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Costs/How to Join Us


Three disciplines/three easy steps to becoming a Reading Rascal:

1. Come along for a FREE Trial Session

2. Enjoy the session and then REGISTER HERE and agree to the junior member Code of Conduct and parent Code of Conducts

3. Pay the relevant fees when you register:

£24 - Annual Membership Fee (see below)
£80 - Term Coaching Fee


Members joining part way through the year will be charged pro-rata:

January - March - £24

April - July - £16

September - December - £8

N.B. If more than one child member per family is a member, then you only pay the annual membership fee for one child :)

What's included in the annual membership fee:

  • A Reading Rascals branded:

    • swim hat

    • water bottle

    • drawstring bag

    • transition towel

    • buff

  • FUN - which you can't put a price on