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Costs/How to Join Us


Two easy steps to becoming a Reading Rascal:

1. Come along for a FREE TASTER SESSION

2. Become a member by completing our Membership Form here and paying the pro-ratad £24 annual membership fee depending on when you join in the year.

2. Pay the term coaching fee (£80 for 10 sessions) **

** This fee can be pro-ratad if joining part way through a term

What do I get when I sign up?

  • A Reading Rascals branded:

    • swim hat

    • transition towel

    • buff

  • FUN - which you can't put a price on

Sign up for a FREE taster session

Success! Message received.

A big thank you

"I just wanted to say how beneficial coming back to Rascals has been for Emily. For a long time, following lockdowns she lost her interest in being active. She now loves going to Rascals and she has initiated just the two of us going out for a mountain bike ride on the other day at the weekend."

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